9 Tips to Find the Perfect Home in Austin

How will you know it’s “the One”? In this blog post, we’ll share 9 ways to help determine the perfect home for you. Let’s take a look–>

Buy for the Long Haul: When searching for a home, look for one that you can see yourself living in for five to seven years.

Leave Room to Grow: Find a home that can adapt to your needs over time. For instance, if you plan on adding to your family, consider purchasing a home with an extra bedroom.

Identify Flexible Spaces: Consider a home with rooms or a floor plan that can serve multiple functions. This ensures a home that evolves with changing needs.

Evaluate Your Needs: Take a good look at how you will use a home to help decide what type of home is best suited for your needs. Looking for low to no maintenance? A condo could be a great answer. Searching for room to grow? A home on a large lot may afford the ability to expand the home in the future.

Fall in Love with the Neighborhood Too: Sure, you’ll live in the home, but the neighborhood comes as part of the overall package. Visit the neighborhood at various times of the day to ensure you’re comfortable with what you see.

Don’t Overspend: While it’s easy to act on your heart, make sure you think with your head. Examine your finances, remaining mindful of current and future expenses (like property taxes). Don’t exceed your means. It’s much more prudent to buy a home you can easily afford rather than one you’re forced to stretch to get into. Remain grounded in your decisions and you’ll be better prepared for unexpected things life circumstances.

Make a Solid Investment: While a home is where the heart is, also consider your home choice from an investment perspective. Your life will unfold there, but it’s also important to consider future resale and factors that may add to or detract from the home’s appreciation over time.

Consider the Home’s Age: While it’s not always a crucial decision factor, a home’s age may lend insight into ongoing maintenance expenses. If you do purchase an older home, ensure to pay particular attention to the home inspection before closing.

Location, Location, Location: One of the oldest adages in the book still remains true: a home’s location does matter. For instance, a house located on a busy street is often less attractive than a home situated on a quiet cul-de-sac. Consider a home’s location in relation to how you’ll live.

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