Getting the Most Money for Your Austin Home

Before we even go on market, there are things you can do that will help maximize your net proceeds. Let’s take a look so we can get you the most money possible.

A Clean House. It is imperative that your house be kept INCREDIBLY CLEAN the entire time it is on the market. Buyers historically have very little imagination, and a dirty house is often very difficult to overlook.

Paint. Try to neutralize paint colors. If a room has a very dynamic paint color, it distracts the potential buyer from being able to place their own furniture and design ideas in that room. The more neutral the colors, the easier it is for potential buyers to see their style and their furniture in your house. The front door should look great – repaint if necessary, and don’t be afraid of a dose of color.

Countertops. Clearing all kitchen and bath countertops of small appliances, etc. will help the space seem larger.

Magnets. Take all magnets off of your refrigerator.

Carpets. If necessary, have carpets cleaned, stretched or replaced.

Furniture. There is nothing that makes a house seem smaller than having excessive amounts of furniture. If necessary, rent a storage space to help clear out some of your furniture while your property is being listed.

Clutter. Be sure that the closets and open areas of your house are free of clutter. Buyers always open closets to gain a perspective on space, so be sure to take that into account when preparing your property for listing. De-personalize!

Valuables. Please conceal or secure all valuables and medications.

Repairs. Be sure to have all minor repairs taken care of before showings. For example, buyers have been known to look at the cleanliness of an air filter to gage how well a house has been maintained.

Screens. Take all screens off of windows, clean windows, and store screens in your garage where prospective buyers can see them. This makes the house feel much more open and bright. Windows should be cleaned inside and out.

Garage. Be sure the only things in your garage are vehicles, bikes, lawn equipment, and tools. Everything else makes it seem like you have outgrown the house, and will leave prospective buyers wondering if the property is large enough for them.

Landscaping. Curb appeal is a top priority! Fill all flower beds with fresh mulch and plant bright flowers to add splashes of color.

Pets. If at all possible, please try to remove pets from the house during showings. There are many buyers who are afraid of pets and may not even want to see the house if pets are there. Also, make sure there are no pet odors.

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