How Do We Sell Your Austin-Area Home?

How do we determine the proper asking price for your Austin-area home? It starts with our deep understanding of the Central Texas real estate market. Let’s take a look–>

Market Research

What the competition is doing and has done guides the process of pricing your house. We will compare the features and the condition of comparable homes to see what those properties have sold for and gauge your optimum placement in the market. We then use all available information to maximize profitability.

Determine Sales Objectives

We will discuss your goals and objectives to plan and price accordingly.

Analyze Factors That Affect Pricing as They Relate to Your Situation

Many factors affect the value of your house. These factors include condition and floorplan, location, competition, overall housing supply and demand, interest rates, and the general economy.

What does not affect the value of your house? Although they may be important to you, the following factors do not affect the value of your property: what you paid for your house, how much you owe, improvements you made that may not be appreciated by some buyers, and tax district appraisals.

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